General Manager's Letter

Pencil Design Architectural Design is a one of the most successful organizations in Kuwait with a conscious management in handling with engineering projects – with blessing of Allah - and then our outstanding team, which was focusing on creativity and innovation towards the prosperity of construction of the State of Kuwait and the GCC.

Pencil Design is taking place as a professional architectural designs provider to be your business-partner in order to deliver the creative ideas and to provide all its Customers with the best ideas they are looking for (printed or visible or tangible).

The secret of our success is our diversity and flexibility that significantly participated in the growth of our organization, we have succeeded during our journey to build new areas of success, as our creative ideas and contribute to the creation of the spirit of the new projects to the success of our organization continuously.

And we also have commercial cooperation with premium companies to keep up on what's new in the local and international markets, which enables us to identify new products and services, which contribute to provide ideal options for our Customers to find better than they seek.

Pencil Design always seeks to innovate the unique ideas to enable our Customers and projects for the continuous and distinction of success. We proud to welcome everyone to join us and participate in our success.

Best Regards ,

Eng. Hussein Bassam Al-Saleh
General Manager

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