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Figure outward appearance of the projects in the PencilDezign Est. for Arch. Design receives wide attention, as our staff are working on proposals to provide the best exterior design projects of our clients, as they will submit a proposal to include that combines creativity and good taste, whatever be the desire of our customers in the exterior design and whatever was the style of the idea, our staff will work on the study of the project and re-consider the exterior design and study forms the windows and doors and entrances and exits of the house and then submit a proposal commensurate with all the needs of our customers, and then start working on engineering plans and submit them in charge of the consultant, and because our customers distinct try our best in exterior design and take care of its own unique care and study of its kind and for that reason make our customers happy in this dazzling results for their projects, whether in our beloved country Kuwait or in the Gulf States or in any part of the world.



Exterior Details

  1. We design exterior details very carefully in order to resolve exact intentions to meet with designed elevations coming from our company through execution contractors to site
  2. Exterior details provide safety and beauty in finishing stage to meet with as built drawings executed and supervised by execution contractors.
  3. Our team is fully capable of modeling everything in 3-D which allow us to manipulate and detect errors of clash elements and to deliver precise execution drawings to site workers.

* full supervision is provided to you with VIP contract.

Exterior Design

  1. Our scope of work can be either designing your elevations from the initial design stage or the articulation of an existing structure to give you fully integrated beauty of elevations for your property.
  2. Elevations including colors, textures, materials, opaque and transparent, all together distinguish your project from the surroundings and can be beneficial to your interior.
  3. We are well known for our wise selections of finishing materials and lighting effects to give you the competitive opportunity with your neighbors.

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